– All I want is the best swap path for the most tokens!

Newdex helps users obtain the best trading depth by aggregating liquidity depths of 7 Swap Exchanges: PancakeSwap, Defibox, MDEX, BakerySwap, ApeSwap, Sushi, and Biswap.

It’s said that it’s been a red ocean in the DEX project on BSC. However, the role of aggregator is an ally of swap Exchanges. Large transactions will obtain the best trading path from different liquidity depths, thus users will get the most tokens and swap Exchanges will receive commission fees. Newdex is more like a deep dealer for swap Exchanges.

Newdex’s unique algorithm is the core of the whole product, so that users can make a more cost-effective transaction. Users can choose between “maximum quantity” or “minimum Gas fee” for aggregated transactions. According to the Newdex team, it is speeding up algorithm upgrade to reduce Gas fees.

Through the best trading path with market comparison, you can feel the charm of aggregated trading.

(From: Newdex Oct.2, 2021)

Through the core algorithms, you can get the path to the best price.

(From: Newdex Oct.2, 2021)

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