Design NFTs for Newdex at Halloween Carnival 2021!

2 min readOct 20, 2021


Participate in the NFT Design Contest of Newdex Halloween Carnival now! Designs of Top 1–3 will be minted on Opensea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform, and sent to the designers. Your participation will definitely bring a special color to the Newdex Halloween Carnival.

📅 Schedule:

Submission: 18:00 Oct.20–18:00 Nov.7 (UTC)

Awarding: Before Nov.13

Distribution of prizes and NFTs (Minted by Newdex): Before Nov.24

📌 Requirements:

① Submission requirements: Newdex logo and Halloween elements should be included; Size≤100M;

② Submit your design at the comment with the name and one-sentence description.

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🎁 Prizes:

① Top 1 (1 winner): 2000 DEX

Top 2 (2 winners): 1500 DEX

Top 3 (3 winners): 500 DEX

First 5 participants: 500 DEX

⭐️ Designs of Top 1–3 winners will be minted by Newdex on Opensea and sent to the designers.

② The Top 1–3 winners will be selected by Newdex.

The first 5 participants who meet the requirements will win 500 DEX, and do not overlap with the Top 1–3 winners;

③ The awarding will be announced before Nov.13.

@NewdexOfficial will send a notification to the winners through private messages.

④ All prizes and NFTs will be distributed by Nov.24. Newdex will mint the designs of Top 1–3 on Opensea and send the NFTs to the Ethereum address of the designers.

⭐️ Newdex reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.