How to deposit & withdraw DEX Between EOS, BSC and ETH?

HOO platform officially opens DEX deposit & withdrawal.

Currently HOO platform supports the deposit and withdrawal of EOS, ETH and BSC chain.

The operation process is as follows:

1. Deposit

• Open the HOO app and click on “Deposit”

• Select the deposit token and type “DEX”

  • Currently, HOO platform supports the deposit of EOS / ETH / BSC by selecting the corresponding chain.

Note: the correct deposit memo should be filled in for the DEX deposit in EOS chain. Please deposit after confirmation.

  • Here, take BSC as an example. Deposit DEX to the corresponding address, and after deposit succeeded, HOO will notify you by SMS, which means that the deposit is successful.

2. Withdrawal

• Click on “me” and select “withdraw” to withdraw DEX.

• Select the withdrawal token “DEX” to enter the withdrawal page.

• Enter the corresponding address and amount.

Take the withdrawal of box to BSC as an example. Please confirm your BSC address and fill in the corresponding amount to withdraw.

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