Learn about Newdex history

In the mentioned EOS ecology, Newdex has been the top decentralized Exchange for years. In 2018–2019, 80% of the trading volume on EOS was in Newdex.

Newdex is the leading decentralized Exchange of Order Book for on-chain matching and settlement through smart contracts. In January 2021, it was upgraded to an aggregated xchange, which successfully integrated the depths of limit-price orders of itself and the liquidity depths from different Swap Exchanges on EOS (Defibox and Defis Network), providing users with the best trading experience and the best trading depth at the best price. It has become the top trading entry of EOS Ecology.

In addition, Newdex is the top Block Producer in the EOS ecosystem. In 2019, Newdex invested to incubate the first decentralized mining pool on EOS, Newpool. Instead of depositing EOS into Newpool, users just need to authorize Newpool to participate in the EOS VOTING. Users’ assets are still in their own wallet, obtaining BP revenue at the same time. The APY of EOS liquidity pool yesterday reached 2.99%, and it has distributed revenue of 1,228,414EOS (current market cap of 41.76 million) to its users since its launch (June 2019 — August 2021).

In 2021, Newdex established the EOS Ecology Fund — “Newdex Seed” and successfully incubated good projects as DeFis Network, Defibox and Organix.

Peter, head of the Newdex project, was recently appointed as one of the advisors to the EOS Foundation Committee.

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