Oct 6, 2021

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Learn about the economic model of $DEX token

The total supply of Newdex token $DEX is $100 million. Currently, about 91 million DEX are already in circulation, and the total amount of buy-back and burned is 6.97 million, leaving only 2 million DEX unlocked. $DEX tokens are almost in full circulation.

Monthly buy-back and burned mechanism:

50% of Newdex quore token income

100% of commissions from DEX-related trading pairs

100% of Newdex VIP income

25% of Newpool management fees

10% of Defibox(EOS) protocol revenue

100% of Newdex Seed investment revenue

The buy-back and burned data of the past 6 months: (from February to August in 2021)

February 287,000 DEX

March 362,000 DEX

April 344,000 DEX

May 695,000 DEX

June 397,000 DEX

July 342,000 DEX

August 436,000 DEX

September 690,275.6653 DEX

As the pace of Newdex development picks up, commission income on BSC will also be used for $DEX token’s buy-back and burned.

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