Oct 1, 2021

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The Best Trading Experience

– Aggregated Token Info for Efficient Decision-making1. The Best Trading Experience

The strength of Newdex lies in the good product experience. The team saw the shortcomings of Swap Exchanges in the trading experience, and made great efforts to this end.

Advanced K-line

At present, most of the Swap exchanges on BSC haven’t developed the function of K-line. To analyze market trends, users have to check it in the market cap websites or CEX, spending a lot of time going back and forth. Newdex currently enables 550+ K-line for tokens on BSC with 15-minute/1 hour/4 hours/1 day/1 week/1 month trends and other tool functions, meeting the analysis needs of professional users.

(From:Newdex 2021.10.01)

Market List

In order to become the preferred DEX trading portal for users on BSC, Newdex has added familiar market segments into its product: GameFi, Gainers, Depth, Newest, and 24H Total. Just visit the Newdex home page to quickly keep up to date with BSC assets.

(From: Newdex Oct.1, 2021)

Aggregated asset info on chain

People are used to going to CoinmarketCap for token information, but not all assets on BSC are listing there. Newdex will become the top portal for asset query on BSC by rapidly aggregating all asset introduction, total supply, depth distribution and other information on BSC.

(From: Newdex Oct.1, 2021)

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