You’ll Gain “?” by Holding DEX for Long Term

5 min readJun 10, 2021


Earlier, Newdex’s token NDX was renamed DEX at the rate of 100:1. The swap progress has reached 79.8% by the time of writing this article, entering the hot period.

(Source: June 8, 2021)

As promised in the Newdex Whitepaper V2.0, when the swap progress reaches 30%, the old NDX trading pairs will be delisted, and the listed DEX trading pairs will start to be circulated. This has been realized.

If the users holding DEX intend to hold it for a long time, in what method can we obtain benefits by holding the token? (The token issuers want people to hold their tokens for a long and stable time; in that case, they’ll give corresponding benefits to the token holders.)


Suitable for users who make frequent asset trading on EOS chain:

Obtain VIP membership by staking or consuming DEX. (Consumption can be understood as daily rental. Users can obtain Consumption VIP membership by paying DEX. Also, users can obtain Staking VIP membership by staking specific amount of DEX, and the DEX will be returned to the user intact after cancellation of the stake.)

The VIP levels range from VIP1 to VIP10. For users who makes frequent asset trading on EOS chain, the fee discount can be regarded as the most attractive benefit.

(Source: June 8, 2021)

For example, VIP10 members can get a fee discount of up to 50%, join 10 times a day of lucky draw, obtain VIP-exclusive airdrop, and place CPU-free orders the most times.

Either stake 5 million DEX or consume 50,000 DEX per month, and you can get VIP10.

Click on the link below to learn more about Upgrade Guidance of DEX VIP:

If you’re not a frequent-trading user, I recommend you try Benefit 2.


Charge interest in Defibox Lending:

Defibox and Newdex have officially launched the Lending protocol on June 3, 2021.

(Source: Newdex/Defibox Community, June 3, 2021)

We can see [DEX], [Lending Mining Weight: 0.05], [BOXBGQ (EOS+DEX LP Token)] in the poster, but what does that mean?

It might be too complicated to explain what is Defibox and what is Lending mining weight. Let’s do it together and you’ll get the idea.

(Tutorial 1) How to get profits in Defibox Lending?

  1. Create an EOS account and log in the wallet you’re using. Find Defibox in [Discover] page.

2. Enter [Lend] page.

3.Click on [Deposit] or [Withdraw], choose [DEX] as the selected market, input the amount, and click on [Confirm].

4. Your deposit will be completed with the bTokens BDEX sent to your account.

(Tutorial 2) How to make profits with holding DEX and EOS by liquidity mining ➕lending?

Attention, please. You need to hold DEX and EOS at the same time so that you can continue the following steps. If you only have one of the token, go and get some of the other token, bro.

  1. Find Defibox in [Discover] page of the wallet you’re using.

2.Enter [Swap] page.

3. Click on [Liquidity], choose [DEX] + [EOS] and click on [Add liquidity].

4. Input the amount of DEX and EOS (The value of the two tokens is equal.) and you can see the corresponding (LP Tokens) BOXBGQ.

5. Your deposit will be completed with the bTokens BDEX sent to your account.

6. Return to the homepage of Defibox and enter [Lend] page.

7.Choose [Deposit] as the operation type and [BOXBGQ] as the selected market, input the amount, and click on [Confirm].

8. Your deposit will be completed with the bTokens BDEX sent to your account.

9. The mining profits need to be collected manually. Return to the homepage of Defibox, enter [Mining] page, and collect your profits now.

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